Canadian pharmacy students and interns unified for excellence, advocacy and academics in pharmacy.

About Us

Who We Are

CAPSI is an association of pharmacy students and interns that are invested in their professional development and the issues affecting their profession. Together, we are the voice of over 3500 members nationwide

Our CAPSI National Council is comprised of Executives and Locals, all proud ambassadors for the profession of Pharmacy. Each Executive position is annually filled by an elected candidate from any Canadian Pharmacy faculty, and two Local candidates are elected to represent their respective Pharmacy faculty. Click here to meet the council!

We invite you to get to know us and our work through our newly revamped website, via email, by courier, or in person at our annual conference, Professional Development Week.


Our mission is to advocate for the interests of Canadian pharmacy students in the 10 pharmacy faculties in Canada. Our organization strives to facilitate excellence of pharmacy students in academia and professionalism through provision of educational and practical experience outside of the pharmacy curricula.


A national community of pharmacy students and interns empowered to advocate for the advancement of the profession towards excellence in patient-centered care.


Unity: Create a national community of pharmacy students and interns
Professionalism: Exemplify the highest standards of conduct as set by the regulated profession of pharmacy
Advocacy: Provide a voice for pharmacy students and interns
Academics: Facilitate learning opportunities for pharmacy students and interns
Excellence: Inspire pharmacy students and interns to achieve greatness


1967 – The Canadian Pharmacists Association (CPhA) brought one third year from each pharmacy school in Canada to their annual CPhA Conference with the creation of the Centennial Scholar Award.

That year, the conference was held in Toronto and students from University of Toronto’s pharmacy student council met with the scholars and proposed the formation a national pharmacy student council.

1968 – CAPSI is created! First issue of the CAPSIL is published.

1984 – Every pharmacy school joins CAPSI and has CAPSI representation at their school.

1987 – The first electronic version of the CAPSIL is published.

1997 – CAPSI hosts its first IPSF Congress in Vancouver, British Columbia.

1998 – CAPSI hosts its first Professional Development Week, “Pharmacation – promoting life-long learning”, with the College of Pharmacy at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Taking place from February 4-7, over 500 delegates attended the conference.

2011 – CAPSI is invited to sit on the Blueprint for Pharmacy Steering Committee.

2013 – CAPSI publishes national position statement on Early Entry PharmD curriculum.

2014 – CAPSI maintains registration with federal legislation for not-for-profit.