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Local CAPSI – University of Waterloo

University of Waterloo


About Us

UW CAPSI is active in both our student and our local community. We promote high quality educational seminars to supplement our learning, raise awareness about relevant issues in our community, and nurture a positive attitude and generosity among our members. We encourage all students to dream big, aim high and take chances in seeking new opportunities!




Local Reps

Local Events for the Year


Waterloos Next Top Pharmacist

Get dressed to the nines for one of our most anticipated events of the year. Featuring a professional wear and costume wear catwalk, this charity mock-beauty pageant also highlights a drug spelling bee and a talent showdown! Who will take home the crown?



Summer Fundraiser: Beach Volleyball Tournament

UW CAPSI is surfing and serving it up at our local beach volleyball courts, all in the name of charity. In this round-robin style tournament, players will hit the sand in style: in addition to the highest scoring team, the best dressed team will also win a prize!



UW CAPSI Competitions

Students can participate in a variety of competitions for the opportunity to compete nationally at Professional Development Week, from OTC Competition, Patient Interview Competition, Student Literature Competition, and the Compounding Competition.



Pharmacist Awareness Month

You can look forward to our annual ‘Wish Tree’ free breakfast event, interprofessional case studies, CSHP Symposium, “speed-dating” at our ‘Pharmacist Meet N Greet’, trivia nights, discussion panels, an Evidence Based Medicine competition and numerous fundraisers ranging from t-shirts and buttons to yoga and waffles — all in the month of March!

IPSF Campaign

This is a great opportunity to explore relevant health issues affecting our global community. You can look forward to an educational booth with fun trivia questions, an educational seminar and creative fundraisers.



Mock OSCEs

Recruiting the help of our upper years and professors, UW CAPSI’s Mock OSCE’s are designed to provide students with practice and feedback to prepare for OSCE exams. Cases are reviewed by faculty prior to the event and can include therapeutic, ethical and technical checking stations.




UW CAPSI is proud to partner with La Roche Posay to deliver CAPSI-DERM, a unique skincare series. Once per term, topics such as photosensitivity, eczema, allergies and acne are covered in a comprehensive Lunch ‘N Learn presentation.