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About Us

Who are we? BSP!

The University of Saskatchewan local branch of CAPSI operates out of Saskatoon and has a membership of just under 350 CAPSI members annually. The CAPSI local council, comprised of 12 individuals, work diligently to ensure the CAPSI values are evident in events held throughout the school year.





Local Reps

Local CAPSI - Saskatchewan

Local Events for the Year


CAPSI Meet and Greet - Sept

New members are welcomed to a lunch and learn at the beginning of each school year to learn more about CAPSI memberships, what the local council does, and pick up the highly anticipated CAPSI backpacks.



Run for the Cure

As members of the dual-faculty University of Saskatchewan College of Pharmacy and Nutrition, there is a constant effort of interdisciplinary teamwork between the two sides of the college. CAPSI facilitates the annual Run for the Cure team under the name USask Pharmacy and Nutrition. Students raise funds individually, and in previous years a steak night has also accompanied the event. Our campus wide claim to fame is winning the award for most funds raised for a Post Secondary School group at RFTC 2014.



IPSF Involvement

The local IPSF Senior and Junior provide USask members with information regarding SEP AND World Congress opportunities with each school year, in addition to planning a creative outreach week for the CAPSI National Health Campaign. The 2015-16 campaign of Anti Counterfeit Drugs was comprised of a student symposium, a bake sale, and a social media contest.



Antibiotics Awareness Week - Nov

CAPSI’s AAW has expanded over the last year to promote antibiotic awareness throughout the entire university. Social media components through the CAPSI USask Facebook and offered through university outlets are used to display antibiotic facts and messages that affect not only pharmacists, but everyone else too! The 2015 AAW ended with a trivia night to encourage those from all colleges to come demonstrate what they knew about antibiotics.



Movember Mondays with CAPSI-Nov

Teaming up with the males of the college to raise awareness and funds for Movember Canada was an initiative that began in 2015. Males of the college who wanted to participate were asked to take a photo each week and post it to our social media page, along with a fact about men’s health and the link to their Movember donation page. At the end of the month, the member with the most likes and funds raised received a gift basket, including a coupon for a hot shave!

Sports Night - Second Term

Taking the meaning of the CAPSI value “UNITY” to a different context, CAPSI USask organizes a Sports Night at a local playing space around the time of PAM each year. CAPSI members, nutrition students, and friends in the community come out to take part in dodgeball, kickball, and volleyball games. The most fun comes from choosing what theme to dress up in with your team!



Bridging the Gap - Nov

In partnership with the Pharmacists Association of Saskatchewan, members are welcomed each year to “Bridging the Gap”, a hands on event which addresses pharmacist duties in community practice that may not be directly taught on curriculum. The evening works in a symposium type format but encourages students’ questions and opinions.



Pharmacist Awareness Month - March

Each coming March is another opportunity for more events to take place and more members to be involved than previous years. The PAM Kickoff Ribbon Cutting, Admissions Night, Mentorship Night, and Community Outreach initiatives are seen every year, in addition to symposiums for the members. The most anticipated event is Mr. Pharmacy- a mock pageant which was later taken on at the national level, can credit its roots to CAPSI USask. In 2016, over 100 members reached out to lead or help out in the numerous initiatives.



Outreach to Elementary Schools - Throughout the Year

USask’s Promotions Coordinator organizes elementary school presentations throughout the city of Saskatoon that allow members to share with young members of society what pharmacists can do. Great feedback has always been received from presenting members and their audiences. Over the 2015-16 school year, just under 1500 elementary school students were reached in 18 different schools.??