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U of Alberta Jr. Representative

Hannah Kaliel

U of Alberta Jr. Representative

Hannah Kaliel

University of Alberta, 2nd Year

Education (Prior to pharmacy school): BSc in Biological and Physical Sciences (Double Major); University of Alberta 2014

Hobbies & Interests: In my free time, I love to travel to anywhere I can experience new cultures, see interesting architecture and try new foods – which is luckily pretty much anywhere! I also really enjoy cooking and spending time with my friends and family.

Position Goals:

  1. Enhance fundraising and health initiatives that give back to our community.
  2. Promote our profession to the public and health care professionals during Pharmacists Awareness Month (PAM).
  3. Provide extensive professional development opportunities to students at a local level.

Career Goals:

At this early point in my Pharmacy education, I’m excited to explore all of the possibilities that are open to pharmacists today. It is a very exciting time for our profession as we see changes all across the country. I look forward to my experiences in community, hospital and other settings, where I hope to find a place where I can make the most difference in helping patients improve their health and quality of life.

Duties for Jr. Representative

  • To assist the Senior Representative in the execution of all local CAPSI duties.
  • To be an active member of the Undergraduate Pharmaceutical Society Council if so designated by that local constitution.
  • To set up and update the CAPSI Bulletin Board with materials received from the National Council and CAPSI members.
  • To organize and oversee two (2) CAPSI Symposia on topics proposed by the Vice President, Education and voted upon by CAPSI General Council.
  • To actively participate in all of CAPSI National and local activities, projects and initiatives.
  • Learn about the function and intricacies of CAPSI and the duties as Senior Representative the following year.
  • Participate as an active member of the National Council, offering feedback and input on any issues and discussions that arise.
  • Attend meetings and prepare and distribute reports at two Meetings: PDW and the VTC prior to the CPhA Conference. (Reports may be made throughout the year to inform the Executive and General Council as needed).