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National Webmaster

Huyee Chan

National Webmaster

Huyee Chan

University of Waterloo, 3rd Year

Education (Prior to pharmacy school): Conditional Admission to Pharmacy Program at University of Waterloo

Hobbies & Interests: I dabble in too many things, but the main ones would be music (singing, guitar, bass, piano), digital art (digital paintings, and freelance graphic designer), photography, cooking, travelling, and being outdoors! And then I somehow mix these all together to make YouTube videos. (No not famous)

Position Goals:

  1. Develop a Members-Only Portal for CAPSI members to access more information and membership benefits.
  2. Continue to improve communication with students by fully utilizing our social media accounts.
  3. Continue upgrading the website, developing new pages, and creating new tools to provide more information to students.

Career Goals:

Amazing pharmacist by day, artist by night. (And by “amazing pharmacist”, I mean probably practicing in a clinical setting, helping patients in ways they didn’t even know we could.)

Duties for National Webmaster

  • Maintain the contents and appearance of the CAPSI National Website (English and French)
  • Manage and maintain CAPSI National social media accounts; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, etc.
  • Update the website content regularly, ensuring accurate and up-to-date information is readily available to the public:
  • –  CAPSI National event descriptions
    –  CAPSI National campaigns (i.e. International Pharmacists Day, Pharmacist Awareness Month, etc.)
    –  The CAPSIL; promptly posting the new edition, archiving previous editions, and updating the CAPSIL image on the homepage slider
    –  National General Council Meeting minutes; promptly posting new minutes and archiving previous minutes
    –  Professional Development Week; providing current information, archiving previous PDW information, and creating a highlight section on the home page
    –  “Sponsors” Page; update CAPSI Partner and Sponsor information, logos, CU ads banner, etc.
    –  Annual update of the “Meet the Council” page; including collecting information for council members’ profiles, taking council photos at CPhA, and archiving the list of previous council members
    –  Annual update of the “Contact Us” Page
    –  Work with VPPA on the “ScOPe” Page to ensure current content in the ScOPe map
    –  Annual update of CAPSI Local Pages (i.e. events, photos, etc.)
    –  Develop new web pages as needed
    –  Manage the content and functionality of the “Members Only” portion of site
  • Manage CAPSI email accounts
  • Monitor emails submitted through the Contact Us Question Form, answering questions submitted or forwarding the emails to the most appropriate council member in a timely manner
  • Contact Netfirms as needed for issues and technical support
  • Act as the Chairperson of the CAPSI Website Committee
  • Manage an appropriate Website Committee budget
  • Participate actively in the CAPSI Membership Committee, CAPSI Communications Committee, CAPSI Translation Committee, etc.