Canadian pharmacy students and interns unified for excellence, advocacy and academics in pharmacy.

National Past-President

Kavetha Selvathilagan

National Past-President

Kavetha Selvathilagan

University of Waterloo, 3rd Year

Education (Prior to pharmacy school): I have a Bachelor in Medical Sciences from Western University (2014).

Hobbies & Interests: I have a large extended family that lives all over the world, so I love travelling in Europe and Asia. I’ve also started embarrassing the outdoors since starting pharmacy school. I enjoy exploring our beautiful country by biking along waterfronts and hiking in National Parks. I’m also acquiring some “basic” survival skills, so I’m learning to cook new dishes during my spare time! 

Position Goals:

  1. Our first annual report was a success last year! I plan to continue this initiative and prepare a 2015-2016 annual report that can be viewed by all CAPSI members prior to the annual general meeting at PDW 2017. This will help our members understand what the National Executive is doing for them, and increase our transparency to Canadian pharmacy students and interns.
  2. Provide explanations and historical perspectives on current CAPSI practices, as this is the primary role of the Past President.
  3. Last year we implemented CAPSI’s official turnover documents. This year I want to work towards improving these turnover documents for council and for PDWs. Continuity within the organization helps ease transition from year to year.

Career Goals:

I’m entering the final leg of my journey in pharmacy school. I look forward to starting my clinical rotations as I prepare to enter the working world. I plan to apply for residency programs within the province of Ontario for continuing education will be a primary focus when I become a pharmacist. I also look forward to promoting our expanded scope of practice further as a pharmacy student and will continue to advocate for the profession of pharmacy in the future.

Duties for National Past-President

  • Act for and in the name of the Association.
  • Supervise and coordinate and play a primary role in the activities and affairs of the Association.
  • Play a primary supportive role in several projects and initiatives.
  • Head the active promotion of CAPSI activities to students, industry and the profession.
  • Chair and mediate discussion during all meetings of the General Council, the National Executive and General Membership meetings.
  • Create agendas, organize council meetings and prepare reports.
  • Chair the Constitutional Review Committee.
  • Active member of the Finance and PDW Planning Committees.
  • Ensure that resolutions adopted by the Association are acted upon and adhered to.
  • Initiate, delegate and promote the development and growth of CAPSI Responsible for fostering good relations and partnerships with National and International Pharmacy Associations (e.g. CPhA, FIP, etc.).