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Local CAPSI – Université Laval

Université Laval


About Us

At Université Laval, our local CAPSI representatives help the students to be aware of all the perks and advantages one may have while being a CAPSI member. We also help organize events held for students as well as the general public. For example, a student event held this year was one about the education of the use of inhalers. On the other hand, in collaboration of the CIEPUL, events held for the general public include explaining the role of the pharmacist to CEGEP students.



Local Reps

Local Events for the Year


Canadas Next Top Pharmacist - Feb

In collaboration of the Pharmacists’ Without Borders local organization, a fashion show is held as a fundraiser for this association. During this fashion show, the Canada’s Next Top Pharmacist is run and the judges (special guests of the evening) decide on the winner based on their performances throughout the night.



CAPSI Competitions - Sept to Nov

These competitions are run every year. There are 3 competitions:
Over-the-Counter (OTC) Medication Consult
Patient Interview (PIC) Competition
Compounding Competition
The winner of each one gets a reserved seat at the upcoming Professional Development Week (PDW)



Pharmacy Awareness Month - Mar

In collaboration with the CIEPUL, we have organized many activities starting from the awareness of the role of the pharmacist in the community to activities that are cover specific topics like the Loi 41.
For the students, there was a seminar on the correct use of different inhalers produced by the pharmaceutical companies.



Textbook Sales - Sept to Oct

The local CAPSI council holds a textbook sale for CAPSI members every year. Details of the books and prices will be presented in class.