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The CAPSI National Executive elections take place each year in January at PDW. The call for elections is sent to students 3 months before the election date to allow plenty of time to find out more about the positions they are interested in, to contact the people in those positions and ask to lots of questions. All applications must be submitted to the Executive Secretary 24 hours before the election.

The application includes a CV, letter of interest and nomination form. At PDW, all interested candidates will give a five minute (maximum) speech to the conference delegation and will be asked three questions from the current National Council member holding the respective position.

Can’t make it to PDW? That’s okay! You can still run in the initial elections by having your speech and questions videotaped by your local CAPSI representatives. All video recordings will be shown to delegates during the PDW elections.

If there are unfilled positions after PDW, a by-election will take place usually in January., following the videotaping procedures, usually in January. All by-election candidates must follow CAPSI’s election videotaping procedures for their speech and question answers.

If you have questions, please contact

Becoming a Local Representative

The position of a local CAPSI representative is a two year commitment. Local representatives are responsible for leading their school’s CAPSI council in preparation and implementation of initiatives including fundraisers, educational sessions, PAM and much more! These representatives participate in teleconferences and in person with the CAPSI National Council at CPhA and PDW each year.

What does it mean to be a CAPSI Jr. Representative?

Being a CAPSI Jr. Representative means that you will be representing your school locally on the CAPSI National Council. Being a part of the CAPSI National Council gives you the opportunity to collaborate with the other local representatives from across the country and brainstorm great events to run at your school. Being the CAPSI Jr. Representative also means learning from the CAPSI Sr. Representative. The CAPSI Jr. Representative helps the CAPSI Sr. representative run local events and learns the ropes in the process.

What does it mean to be a CAPSI Sr. Representative?

Being the CAPSI Sr. Representative also means representing your school on a local and national level. Locally the CAPSI Sr. Representative organizes their local CAPSI Council and, together with the CAPSI Jr. Representative, decides what events to run, when to run them and ensures the events are run smoothly. On a national level the CAPSI Sr. Representative collaborates with other local CAPSI Representatives to ensure CAPSI members at their school are receiving the many benefits of being a CAPSI member.

How to become a CAPSI Jr. or Sr. Representative

Each school has slightly different election processes for the CAPSI Jr. Representative. In general the election process involves a speech followed by a question period, a video or an interview. Some schools require a letter of intent and in general most schools ask all of the CAPSI members at their school to vote for the CAPSI Jr. Representative. The best way to get information on the exact election process at your school is to ask your local CAPSI Jr. or Sr. Representative.

In order to become the CAPSI Sr. Representative, the Jr. Representative at each school is subject to a vote of confidence.

Translation Committee

The Translation Committee is essential in uniting CAPSI members across the country. This committee is in charge of translating any documents or articles to French (or English). The team is composed of bilingual pharmacy students from across the country who have volunteered their bilingual skills to CAPSI. The bulk of the translating work focuses on the CAPSIL, CAPSI’s own newsletter, which is published and distributed to pharmacy students across Canada. Sometimes, translators will be needed to help translate documents or content for our CAPSI website.

Anyone who wishes to help can sign up for the committee and report their own comfort level with translating (ie. how many articles, how much time, etc.). All members who contribute will be noted in the print and web publications of the issue.

It is an excellent opportunity to hone your language skills and to get a sneak peek at the amazing work your peers submit to the CAPSIL.

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