Canadian pharmacy students and interns unified for excellence, advocacy and academics in pharmacy.

À Propos

Quels sont nos objectifs?

L’ACEIP est une association qui unit des étudiants et des internes en pharmacie dans une perspective d’excellence académique et d’engagement au sein de la profession de pharmacie. Nous travaillons pour faire bénéficier nos membres de diverses opportunités d’expérience personnelle et professionnelle. Ce sont autour de nos valeurs que se bâtit notre travail, donc vous verrez ci-dessous une liste de ce que nous avons accompli. N’hésitez pas à visiter la section Bénéfices des Membres pour connaître ce que l’ACEIP a à vous offrir!

Annual Report

+ Annual Report
+ Operating Manual
+ Bylaws
+ Standing Committees


  • CAPSI promotes the unification of pharmacy students both nationally and internationally
  • Provides a platform for pharmacy students and interns to express their thoughts and concerns to over 3,000 student colleagues through the CAPSIL
  • Like and follow us to keep up to date on CAPSI and Canadian pharmacy practice <add links to facebook and twitter>


  • Professional Development Week (PDW) is the largest pharmacy conference held in Canada. This 4-day whirlwind of learning, networking and developing as a pharmacy student and as a young professional takes place every January. A different Faculty of Pharmacy hosts this conference each year and each school has committed to not academically penalize CAPSI members that attend (so you won’t miss a single opportunity for marks!) <hyperlink to PDW page and/or gallery>
  • Monitoring and encouraging the expanded scope of pharmacy practice across Canada
  • Working with the Blueprint for Pharmacy Steering committee <hyperlink to Blueprint info>
  • Resources to manage student loans and professional financial portfolio <link to Scotiabank content>

Engagement à la profession:

  • CAPSI provides a strong voice for pharmacy students in issues that concern both students, and the profession as a whole.
  • Attend our Annual General Meeting and communicate with your CAPSI team so that your concerns are heard and addressed
  • CAPSI’s published Position Papers <hyperlink to position papers>


  • CAPSI provides opportunities for professional advancement through innovative extracurricular education, locally and nationally
  • Preferred CAPSI member pricing for textbooks and CAPSI events
  • Local symposia/educational seminars
  • Local and national drugs Fairs/Trade Shows
  • Local and national CAPSI competitions


  • CAPSI promotes peer interaction and exchange of ideas through conferences, social networks and symposia
  • CAPSI-PFIZER Guy Genest Passion for Pharmacy Award
  • CSHP-CAPSI Hospital Pharmacy Student Award <hyperlink to award info/criteria>
  • CAPSI Award of Professionalism
  • Be a member of the National Executive Council (Talk to your local CAPSI Representatives, or a member of the current Executive Council, for election details)