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CAPSI Members as CPhA Associates

Canadian Pharmacists Association (CPhA)

CAPSI is now an Organizational Affiliate of CPhA. This means that as a CAPSI Member, you can now become a CPhA Associate for free, giving you access to many resources, tools, and discounts. Click below to see some benefits provided by CPhA and details on the registration process.

Benefits of being a CPhA Associate

  • FREE subscription to CPhA’s RxTx Mobile App
  • FREE weekly emails highlighting the latest evidence-based treatment with CPhA’s Therapeutic Highlights CE
  • Discounted textbook rates and FREE shipping on CPhA textbooks when orders through CAPSI textbook sale
  • Complimentary access to the online version of the  Canadian Pharmacists Journal at CPJ Online
  • Updates and information via CPhA email newsletters and bulletins
  • Discounts on registration for CPhA’s national conference registration rates
  • Discounts on CPhA’s continuing professional development programs, including:
    • “QUIT” on smoking cessation program
    • “CANRISK” on using the CANRISK Diabetes Risk Questionnaire and screen patients for their risk of pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes.
  • National and international research and reports that CPhA is involved in
  • Access to the Primary Care Pharmacy Specialty Network (PC-PSN), exclusive to CPhA associates and CSHP members. (Email the Administrator to join.)

You must register with CPhA as an Associate to take advantage of these new benefits. Click here for more information on membership benefits offered by CPhA.

New Registration Process

To access your CPhA Associate benefits and set up your free subscription to RxTx Mobile, visit You’ll need to update your existing profile if you have one, or create a new one.

Please ensure that you use the same email address when you register with CPhA that you provided to CAPSI, otherwise your membership cannot be verified and you will not be permitted to proceed with your registration.

All CAPSI members must complete the new registration process, even if you were a CPhA member in the past.

Please contact CPhA Customer Service at or 1-800-917-9489 if you have any further inquiries.