Canadian pharmacy students and interns unified for excellence, advocacy and academics in pharmacy.

IPSF Liaison

Gabrielle Anhoury-Sauvé

IPSF Liaison

Gabrielle Anhoury-Sauvé

University of Waterloo, 2nd Year

Education (Prior to Pharmacy): CEGEP

Hobbies & Interests: Hiking and traveling

Position Goals:

  1. Find more host sites for incoming students participating in the Student Exchange Program (SEP);
  2. Encourage students to participate into activities and programs lead by IPSF by increasing its visibility and presence within CAPSI;
  3. Increase CAPSI’s international involvment and presence within IPSF itself.

Career Goals:

Clinical oriented practice.

Duties for IPSF Liaison

  • Act as the liaison to the International Pharmacy Students’ Federation.
  • Represent CAPSI and Canadian pharmacy students to the world.
  • Introduce, implement and coordinate the various IPSF projects for the current year.
  • Complete letters and questionnaires about pharmacy in Canada.
  • Keep the Federation informed about proceedings and work within CAPSI.
  • Inform the Federation about meetings, conferences, etc. in Canada.
  • Submit articles for the News Bulletin publication.
  • Responsible for the collection of payments for the IPSF Annual Membership Fees and Student Exchange Fees.
  • Provide progress reports about the work achieved in Canada.
  • Represent and arrange appropriate and adequate representation of CAPSI at the IPSF annual Congress by Official Delegates of CAPSI and to instruct these delegates fully of their duties at Congress.
  • Promote IPSF to students and recent graduates.
  • Examples of projects of IPSF include: Student Exchange Program, Annual IPSF International Congress of Pharmacy, Village Concept Project (Joint CAPSI / IPSF) + many other projects such as Book Appeal, AIDS Awareness, Pharmacy 2000, etc.
  • Participate as an active member of the Executive Council, offering feedback and input on any issues and discussions that arise.
  • Attend meetings and prepare and distribute reports at the two Annual Meetings: PDW and the CPhA Conference. (Reports may be made throughout the year to inform the Executive and General Council as needed).


Valuable Skills & Traits

  • Effective oral and written communication skills
  • Time management
  • Organization
  • Desire to attain a global awareness and perspective