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Darren Reithmeier


Darren Reithmeier

University of Saskatchewan, 2nd Year

Education (Prior to Pharmacy School): B.A. Psychology from the University of Regina

Hobbies & Interests:

Music, Sports, Cycling, Writing, Graphic Design

Position Goals:

  1. Continue professionalizing the CAPSIL.
  2. Simplify and centralize administrative processes.
  3. Strengthen the CAPSIL’s sponsorship value
  4. Increase CAPSIL readership

Career Goals:

Become the best Clinical Pharmacist that I can possibly be.

Duties for CAPSIL Editor

  • Coordinate and prepare the Association’s newsletter: the CAPSIL / JACEIP.
  • Responsible for collecting and translating articles.
  • Responsible for layout, printing and distribution of the CAPSIL / JACEIP to all nine pharmacy schools in Canada and entitled sponsors.
  • Responsible for the publication of three (3) issues of the CAPSIL / JACEIP.
  • Participate in the Website and Membership Committees.
  • Responsible for enforcing and communicating deadlines to ensure timely publication.
  • Participate as an active member of the Executive Council, offering feedback and input on any issues and discussions that arise.
  • Attend meetings and prepare and distribute reports at the two Annual Meetings: PDW and the CPhA Conference. (Reports may be made throughout the year to inform the Executive and General Council as needed).

Valuable Skills & Traits

  • Computer skills
  • Experience in editing, setup or layout of publications
  • Able to enforce deadlines
  • Ability to recognize current pharmacy issues in order to plan each edition of the CAPSIL